Anfahrt Volkspark Laaerberg You can reach us comfortably by using the U1 (Station Alaudagasse).
Access to the park at Alaudagasse 42.

Children of the Revolution
Top-class male and female musicians:
our band 'Children of the Revolution'

Already in 2017 and 2018, 'Children of the Revolution' drew enthusiastic reactions from the audiences with their sensational sound and authentic interpretation of the songs of the late 1960s. We are happy to present the band in its original lineup yet again this year:

Mary Broadcast (Vocals)
Hans Wagner (Vocals)
Andrea Fränzel (Bass & Musical Director)
Alex Gantz (Guitar)
Matthias Ihrybauer (Keyboard)
Andi Seper (Drums)
  Woodstock 50th Anniversary

Advance notice:

Friday, 06/14/2019

As every year, we will open this year's season at Volkspark Laeerberg with a performance of the young talents of the Music School Favoriten.

6 pm  Rockensembles

6:30 pm  Ukulele-Ensemble Odeon

August 15-17, 2019:  50 Years of Woodstock

This year sees the 50th anniversary of one of the most important events of more recent music history: the Woodstock Festival. An event which not only changed the music scene in profound ways, but also had a massive political impact on society as a whole.

Thursday til Saturday, August 15-17, 2019

Beginning at 5 pm each evening

Open-Air-Arena at Volkspark Laaerberg

Free entry to all events!
Food and drinks are also provided for, of course.

Preliminary program:

5 pm:  Songs from Woodstock

Songs from the Woodstock program interpreted by our band
'Children of the Revolution'.

6 pm:  Open Mic

Singers/song writers (male/female) are given the opportunity to make a musical statement on the subject of 'Woodstock'.

7:30 pm:  50 Years of Woodstock

We will provide background information and anecdotes about the festival of 1969 and, of course, present lots of songs from the festival program, interpreted by our band 'Children of the Revolution'.

[You will find more information on the program here...]

Music School Favoriten Music School Favoriten

Friday, 06/14/2019, 6 pm

As is our tradition, we will open today's season at the Volkspark Laaerberg featuring the young talents of the music schools Favoriten and Hanssonzentrum. With high enthusiasm and deep dedication, the ukulele ensembles and the ukulele ensemble Odeon will perform yet another spectacular program.

DockRock - "Rockin' the Blues" Doc McKoy - "Rockin‘ the Blues"

Friday, 06/14/2019, 8 pm

Doc McKoy's power trio (guitar, bass and drums) revives the spirit of good old rock. From A to Z, from Alvin Lee to ZZ Top, the band performs rock classics without needless frippery. And the show would not be complete without Doc's very own blues ballads... [for more info click on]